Everything you need to
securely issue, access and manage
digital assets
in a regulatory compliant manner.

We offer a digital service ecosystem for multiple layers of services. At layer 0, we connect native blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum for settlement. At layer 1, we provide financial services around the layer 0 assets. The services range from assets under custody to atomic swap between multiple legs. At layer 2, it opens up the Pyctor ecosystem to custodians, banks, venues and other network participants to efficiently connect, trade and settle with the power of Pyctor DIstributed Validation Engine (DIVE).

We have out of the box solutions to meet your needs, whether you are a global custodian or an asset manager. The Pyctor custody box can be used for a range of services once subscribed - self custody, asset management, cross-custodian settlements, fiat versus token settlements, tokenize internal assets, to name a few. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can support you.